Setting Up Metamask

Add Avalanche Network and PNG to MetaMask

1. Download MetaMask

2. Install MetaMask (Browser extension or mobile app)

The following browsers are supported - Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge.

3. Create a Wallet or Import an Existing Wallet

This is where you have to create or import an existing Ethereum wallet. If you don’t have an existing Ethereum wallet, please select "Create a Wallet" and follow the process. Always keep your Seedphrase / private keys secure to yourself and make sure to write it down offline.
This is the wallet that will be used to conduct transactions on Avalanche.

4. Connect MetaMask to Avalanche C-Chain

Log in to MetaMask -> Click the Network drop-down -> Select Custom RPC

5. Add PNG token to be displayed on your MetaMask

1. Click on "Add Token"
Select "Add Token"
2. Select Custom Token and enter the contract address in the displayed field
Select "Token Contract Address"
PNG contract address (C-Chain)
3. Click "Next" to confirm