Setting Up NEAR wallet
NEAR Wallet is an in-browser, web-based wallet for creating and interacting with NEAR accounts. A NEAR Wallet is necessary to operate on the NEAR network.
Follow our step-by-step guide below:

1. Visit NEAR Wallet Site

2. Click "Create Account"

3. Click "Get Started"

4: Select one of three security options.

All three options are different in nature and offer various security levels, as shown in the screenshot below; Using a Secure Passphrase or Ledger offers the most security. Email offers more convenient access but can be less secure if your account is hacked. Choose whichever level meets your security requirements

Option 1 : Secure Passphrase

If you move forward with the Secure Passphrase wallet, the next screen you will see is this, which will consist of your passphrase. Now, these 12 words are your way to enter and access your NEAR wallet, so copy/write them and keep them in a safe place; otherwise, anyone with these phrases can access your wallet and steal your funds out of it.
*DO NOT store this passphrase on your computer. Write them on paper or use a product such as
In the next step, after clicking on the “secure my account” button, You will be prompted to choose the proper words in your passphrase to verify your wallet. Write down your word in the space and hit the “ verify & continue “ button.
Once you are done with the Verify phrase, you will need to fund your NEAR wallet with 0.1 NEAR to access it. There are multiple options available to buy NEAR to get started with NEAR wallet
You can buy either with UTORG or Moonpay or can direct transfer some NEAR tokens from exchanges available to your address as shown in the screenshot below.

Option 2 : Email

To use the Email option, you will need to write down your correct email address in the Email space and hit “secure my account” button. Then they will send you a code on your email id to verify the email address.
Fill in that code in the next screen as shown below, once you write the correct code, click on the verify and confirm button.
After that, you will be taken to the same screen of buying some NEAR to get full access to NEAR wallet. Again you will get all the options as before to buy or transfer some NEAR to your address.
Now FUND your wallet with 0.16 $NEAR or more than 0.16 $NEAR if you want a .NEAR address and create a NEAR Wallet for the first time.

5. Click on “Add a Custom Address.”

Once you send the funds, you will see a new screen; click on “Add a Custom Address.”

6. Choose a .NEAR address for your wallet.

Once you choose the custom address, you will get your NEAR wallet.

Why does NEAR require a minimum balance?

NEAR Protocol has minimum balance requirements in order to activate the addresses - this is similar to bank accounts that require a minimum deposit to maintain storage of funds and management.
The token wallet will be activated once you have received at least 0.00182 NEAR in a single transaction. In order to remain active, NEAR Protocol requires all addresses to have a minimum balance. This balance represents the amount of storage space that the account is using on the network and will change as it uses more or less space. This is also why your maximum sends amount is so high.