Pangolin DEX


dApp features

↳ Dashboard

The Dashboard is the landing page of Pangolin Exchange which offers a brief overview.
  • Show portfolio value in all chains
  • Token watchlist for fast access
  • Latest Pangolin news

↳ Swap Tokens

A whole new trading experience with the new UI focused on reducing the steps necessary for a successful trade.
  • Token-pair metrics with chart
  • Trade tokens or set limit orders
  • View portfolio value and token holdings
  • Token watchlist for quick access

↳ Bridge

Seamlessly swap (native) tokens across a variety of chains.
  • Bridge & Swap assets across chains
  • Support of native tokens

↳ Buy Crypto

Fiat On/Off-Ramps on a DEX is a major game changer for seamless purchase of crypto assets directly to your Web3 Wallet.
  • Buy crypto with a credit card, powered by MoonPay
  • Buy major crypto assets, powered by Coinbase Pay
  • Directly to your Web3 wallet

↳ Pool & Farm

The new Pool & Farm UI gives you a detailed overview of all token pairs at a glance. Scroll through all incentivized Pools, Farms and Super Farms.
  • Find easily with the search bar
  • Sort by Liquidity or APR
  • Additional token incentives as rewards

↳ Staking

Stake your Pangolin tokens and earn rewards without IL risk.
  • Single-sided staking for PNG
  • Novel game-theoric single-sided staking (Sunshine & Rainbows) for PBAR and PSB

↳ Governance

Vote on Pangolin's governance proposals using your Pangolin tokens or delegate your votes.