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The new Pool & Farm UI gives you a detailed overview of all token-pairs at a glance. In the All Pools section, you can scroll through all incentivized Pools on Pangolin. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to find a specific token-pair and sort by Liquidity or APR.
In the side menu, you can switch between All Pools, Super Farms or Your Wallet.

Super Farms

To attract liquidity, we’ve designed a new version of yield farming that enables you to earn PNG and other project tokens simultaneously. The Pangolin Super Farm Program accommodates incentivizing farms with a wide range of reward tokens farmed at the same time.
Super Farms are marked with a yellow "Super farm" badge
Switching to Super Farms, you'll see the most recent incentivized Farms with multiple token rewards and higher APRs.

Add Liquidity

1. For adding liquidity, simply click See Details on the pool you wish to add liquidity to
You will see that on the new UI, you have much more detail provided.
2. Ensure Pool is toggled when adding liquidity, then input the amount of tokens to pool and click the Supply button; you may need to Approve first
Next you'll see an overview of your Pool and the rewards
3. Click Confirm Supply to add the liquidity
Congratulation, you added liquidity and received PGL tokens.

Farm with your PGL Tokens

1. Switch the toggle to Farm to stake your PGL tokens
2. Enter the amount of PGL tokens
you'll see a detailed estimate of your weekly income in PNG, the extra reward(s) (if a Super Farm) and the dollar value of your deposit 3. First click Approve, then Deposit once approval is complete
Congratulation, you have deposited your PGL tokens and are now earning rewards.

Farm Details

You can revisit the Details page of the relevant Pool/Farm to see your rewards in the Earned widget in the bottom right corner of the window.

Claim / Withdraw Rewards

To claim your rewards, simply cick the Claim button. To withdraw your PGL tokens, click the Withdraw button (this will also claim your rewards).

Remove Farms / Pools

Withdrawing your PGL tokens will close the Farm (see above)
Once PGL tokens are withdrawn, in the "Your Wallet" section of the Pool page, you'll see the Pools you added liquidity for.

Remove Liquidity

1. In Your Wallet, click the "Remove" button
2. Define the amount of PGL tokens you wish to remove for the underlying tokens 3. Click "Approve", then the "Remove" button once approval is complete

Protocol Covers

Get insurance for your yield farming on Pangolin through Nexus Mutual and InsurAce to protect your DeFi yield farming experience.
Buy Cover
Buy Cover
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