Migrate LPs
Migrate LP Tokens to V2 Farms
To take part in Pangolin V2 Farms, you will need to migrate your existing Farms.
Version 1 Legacy Farms will no longer be receiving PNG rewards!
Version 2 Farms are the new incentivised farms that are eligible for emissions!
This document will detail the process on how to perform the migration as well as help to allay any fears about Impermanent Loss.

Migrate your V1 Farms

There are now two separate farm sections - Version 1 and Version 2
1. Click on "Farm > Version 1"
AVAX-PNG and PNG-USDC.e pools with new Migrate button
2. Click on "Migrate" will direct you to a sneak peak of the new Pangolin UI
Pangolin Migration Wizard
3. Click on "Migrate Now" or scroll to bottom to see all your V1 Farms that need to be migrated
V1 Farms which can be migrated to V2
After clicking “Migrate Now” the Pangolin Migration Wizard will pop up
Pop-up with overview of all your V1 Farms which can be migrated
4. Click on "Select all" choose all your V1 Farms at once (or one by one)
The wizard will guide you through the migration of each Farm you’ve selected
5. After you selected your farms, click on "Choose Pool" ...
PNG-WAVAX Pool Unstaking PGL
6. Click on "Unstake" to start the migration process...
7. Click on "Approve" for each Pool to stake in V2 Farms
Congratulations, you have migrated your V1 Farms to the new V2 Farms

Understanding Impermanent Loss (IL) implications

There is zero IL realized since you aren’t leaving the Pool but just migrating your Farms
PGL represents your receipt token of your pooled pair (PNG-AVAX)
Here is an example with a PNG-AVAX Pool...
We have a Pool with 14.6019 PGL in Pangolin V1 Farms.
14.6 PGL Token for aprox. 111 PNG and 2.5 AVAX
We now want to migrate to Pangolin’s V2 Farms by clicking the "Migrate" button
You still have the exact same amount of 14.6019 PGL tokens.
This is because it didn't exited the underlying Pool but migrated from the V1 Farm to the V2 Farm.
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Migrate your V1 Farms
Understanding Impermanent Loss (IL) implications