Stake PNG

Stake & Earn

Single Staking without IL risks

Started as an Avalanche Rush incentive program, all WAVAX rewards have been claimed and the reward token is now PNG. While you stake your PNG, you earn PNG or other tokens without the risk of impermanent loss and a decent APR.
You can deposit/withdraw your PNG at any given time without a lockup period.
On the staking page you see the widgets with supported projects. Clicking on "See Details" gives you further information about the project besides the total staked and APR.

How to Stake PNG

Make sure you hold PNG and your wallet is connected
1. Click "Stake" button.
2. Enter the amount of PNG.
3. Click "Approve" and then "Deposit" after the approval.
Congratulations, you have staked your PNG and started earning rewards!

How to Claim Rewards

1. Click "Claim"
2. Click again "Claim" and approve in MetaMask


The Details tab shows you an overview and also has the Stake and Earnings widget built-in.

How to Unstake your PNG

In the Details page, scroll down and in the top right corner of the Earned widget.
1. Click on "Unstake".
2. Click on "Withdraw & Claim".
Congratulations, you have successfully unstaked your PNG and claimed all remaining rewards
Last modified 4mo ago