Subgraph schema for querying the Pangolin exchange contracts

Pangolin Subgraph

GitHub - pangolindex/subgraph: Subgraph schema for querying the Pangolin exchange contracts
Pangolin's Subgraph Repository
This subgraph dynamically tracks any pair created by the Pangolin factory. It tracks the current state of Pangolin contracts and contains derived stats for things like historical data:
  • aggregated data across pairs and tokens,
  • data on individual pairs and tokens,
  • data on transactions
  • data on liquidity providers
  • historical data on Pangolin, pairs or tokens, aggregated by day

Running Locally

Make sure to update package.json settings to point to your own graph account.


Below are a few ways to show how to query the Pangolin subgraph for data. The queries show most of the information that is queryable, but there are many other filtering options that can be used, just check out the querying API.

Key Entity Overviews

Contains data across all of Pangolin. This entity tracks important things like total liquidity, all time volume, transaction count, number of pairs, and more.
Contains data on a specific token. This token-specific data is aggregated across all pairs and is updated whenever there is a transaction involving that token.
Contains data on a specific pair.
Every transaction on Pangolin is stored. Each transaction contains an array of mints, burns, and swaps that occurred within it.
Mint, Burn, Swap
These contain specific information about a transaction. Things like which pair triggered the transaction, amounts, sender, recipient, and more. Each is linked to a parent Transaction entity.

Example Queries

Querying Aggregated Pangolin Data

This query fetches aggregated data from all Pangolin pairs and tokens, to give a view into how much activity is happening within the whole protocol.
pangolinFactories(first: 1) {
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Pangolin Subgraph
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Pangolin Subgraph
Running Locally
Key Entity Overviews
Example Queries