FAQ & Help


1.1 Pangolin

Q1. What is Pangolin Exchange?

Pangolin is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that runs on Avalanche and it uses the same automated market-making (AMM) model as Uniswap v2. You can read more about Pangolin Exchange here.

Q2. Who is behind Pangolin Exchange?

Pangolin is a community-driven project. The initial development work was done by Ava Labs. You can learn more about Pangolin DAO here.

Q3. What is Pangolin's roadmap?

You can read more about Pangolin's roadmap here.

Q4. Is Pangolin safe? Are there risks involved?

Pangolin is a fork of Uniswap V2 with more features built on top of it. Although Pangolin's contracts have been audited by Halborn, please keep in mind that there is always smart contract risk in DeFi. (This risk is not unique to Pangolin.)

1.2 PNG Token

Q1. What is the PNG token used for?

PNG is the Pangolin governance token. PNG holders can also stake their tokens or use them to provide liquidity in Pangolin's pools. PNG holders that stake their tokens are rewarded with a portion of the protocol fees.

Q2. Can I stake my PNG on Pangolin?

Yes, you can by clicking here.

Q3. What exchanges is PNG listed on?

A list of exchanges supporting PNG can be found here.

1.3 Transactions & Gas Fees

Q1. Is there a faucet for the Avalanche network?

Unfortunately, there isn't a faucet for the Avalanche network.

Q2. What chain should I use to send AVAX to Metamask?

You should always use the Avalanche C-chain.

Q3. How much AVAX do I need for gas?

Transactions usually cost anywhere between 0.01 and 0.2 AVAX. (It might get higher if the network is congested.) You can just hold 0.1 AVAX in your wallet at all times to be safe.

Q4. How can I swap a token that doesn't show up on the token list?

You can paste the contract address on the search bar. Keep in mind that anyone can create and name any ERC-20 token on Avalanche, including creating fake versions of existing tokens and tokens that claim to represent projects that do not have a token.

Q5. How do I bridge to Avalanche?

There are many ways to transfer assets to and from Avalanche. Find out more here.

1.4 Trading

Q1. What fees do I have to pay when trading on Pangolin?

There is a 0.3% liquidity provider fee for each swap on Pangolin along with a gas fee that you pay to the network.

Q2. Which wallets can I use on Pangolin?

Pangolin currently supports MetaMask, MetaMask compatible devices like Ledger, Coinbase Wallet, and Wallet Connect.

1.5 Providing Liquidity

Q1. How can I see the pools offered in Pangolin and their APRs?

You can go to the pool/farm page by clicking here and see all the PNG-incentivized pools offered in Pangolin along with their current APRs.

Q2. I’m a liquidity provider. How can I see my deposited liquidity?

Go to the analytics page here, enter your wallet address and click on "Load Account Details". This will show you how much tokens you'd get if you were to withdraw your liquidity at this specific moment.

Q3. Am I still earning pool fees if I deposit my LP tokens to a farm?

Yes, you'll be still earning pool fees.

Q4. Are there any risks involved in being a liquidity provider on Pangolin?

Yes. It's important to note that your overall position may decrease in value due to impermanent loss so please do your own research before providing liquidity.

2 Help - Troubleshooting

2.1 Transactions & Gas Fees

Q1. My transaction is pending on Metamask for some time now, what can I do?

If your transaction is stuck, try resetting your Metamask by clicking the account icon on the top-right corner of MetaMask → Select Settings → Select Advanced → Scroll down and click Reset Account.
Please note that resetting your account will not disrupt your funds or wallet address.

Q2. Why did my transaction fail?

If your transaction failed, it's either because you don't have enough slippage or use enough gas. You'll have to increase your allowed slippage to account for the fee taken during the swap. Click on the gear icon for settings and adjust slippage tolerance accordingly.

Q3. It says my transaction is successful, but it is not showing up.

You can use SnowTrace to track your transaction status.

Q4. Transactions are failing when using a Ledger

You need to downgrade your Metamask version to 10.0.3 using ETH app. If the issue persists, you can join Avalanche's Discord server and seek help in the ledger support channel.

Q5. "Unexpected issue with estimating the gas. Please try again"

Two different things can cause this issue.
Solution 1: Clear your browser's cache and restart your browser. (You can force a cache refresh by hitting ctrl+f5)
Solution 2: Make sure the units you're trading to don't have too many decimals points.

Q6. Internal JSON-RPC error

Make sure you have enough AVAX in your wallet to cover the gas fees.

Q7. I've sent my funds to Pangolin's router address.

Unfortunately, this action is not reversible. Please never send any tokens to Pangolin's router address.

2.2 Tokens & Balances

Q1. Why isn't my token showing in my Metamask wallet?

If you can't see your token, you'll need to go to "Assets" tab on Metamask and add it by clicking on "import tokens". (It's at the bottom of the app, right below "don't see your token?") Paste the contract address inside Metamask and tap next.

Q2. Why isn’t my ERC-20 token showing in my Metamask wallet?

This is due to the token address changing. When you transfer ERC-20’s across the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge, the Token contract address changes. Token contract addresses are different on Ethereum and Avalanche despite being the same represented token.

Q3. I can't see my LP tokens

Once you deposit your tokens to a pool, you'll get LP tokens. If you deposit your LP tokens to a farm, that means your LP tokens have been deposited to a Pangolin contract. Since they're no longer in your wallet, you can't see them, which is completely normal. If you want to convert your LP tokens into tokens, you'll need to unstake your LP tokens from the farm+pool.

2.3 Website Access

Q1. I can't connect my wallet to Pangolin on mobile.

You need to download and use Metamask's in-app browser to use Pangolin on your phone.

Q2. 500 Internal Server error

This is a Cloudflare issue that we don't have control of. You can use Pangolin's backup site instead: http://www.pangolinexchange.com/
If you couldn't find what you're looking for, you can join our Discord channel or TG groups to speak to a mod by clicking here.