Use the new UI features

Pool like a Pro

The new UI enables you easy and fast access to Pangolin's Pools & Farms. First look-up a token-pair in the search bar and view all relevant Pools, shown as widgets.
For PNG we see two pairs, where each widget shows you a compact view of the pools with two buttons, "See Details" and "Add liquidity". Let's pick the PNG-AVAX pool for this example, from now, everything happens within the widget.

Add Liquidity

1. Click on "Add liquidity" and the widget will show you now the interface of adding liquidity
2. Enter the amount you want to pool
3. Click on "Approve" and then "Supply"
4. Check the stats and click "Confirm Supply".
Congratulations, you successfully added liquidity using the new UI widget features.

Farm like a Pro

Our PNG-AVAX Pool widget now shows the "Farm" button after we added liquidity
1. Click on "Farm" to start the deposit
2. Enter the amount of PGL tokens
3. Click "Approve" and then "Deposit"
Congratulations, you deposited your PGL tokens into a (Super) farm

Claim rewards & Withdraw PGL

View Your Pools by clicking on it in the Pool side bar. It will list all your pools as widgets.

Claim rewards

1. Click on "Claim" to start the process
2. Click on "Claim PNG" and confirm in MetaMask to claim your rewards

Withdraw PGL tokens

To withdraw click on "See Details" on the widget to open the Details page, then scroll down and to the bottom right you see the "Earned" widget
In the top right corner of the "Earned" widget...
1. Click the "Withdraw" button to initiate the process
2. Click on "Withdraw & Claim" to withdraw your PGL tokens and claim all remaining rewards

Remove Liquidity

1. Go to "Your Wallet" to see your Pools and click on the "Remove" button
2. Enter the amount you want to remove
3. Click "Approve" and then "Remove" and confirm in MetaMask
Congratulations, you are now a DeFi Pro