Guide to Participate
The Future of Pangolin

1 PNG = 1 Vote

PNG tokens represent voting shares in Pangolin Governance
You can vote on each proposal yourself or delegate your votes to a third party. To be eligible to vote, you must hold PNG in your wallet and delegate it at the start of voting.
1 PNG = 1 Vote (more PNG = more voting power)
Staked/Pooled PNG are NOT eligible! Un-Stake/Un-Pool PNG to vote.

Submitting a Proposal

1.000.000 PNG Token required to submit a proposal
The proposer must have at least 1,000,000 PNG, as holdings in the wallet or as a result of delegations from other participants.
Types of Proposals: Off-Chain & On-Chain
Off-Chain Proposals via Snapshot
On-Chain Proposals via Pangolin


BEFORE the on-chain vote, you need to delegate your PNG to yourself. Make sure to unstake and/or withdraw your PNG to delegate.


During the voting period, you have to hold PNG tokens in your wallet. Staked or pooled PNG tokens are NOT eligible and MUST be unstaked and/or unpooled in order to participate in the voting process. After voting has begun, you may pool or spend your PNG.
un-stake > delegate > vote > re-stake

Finish line

Governance votes are decided by simple majority. There is no quorum threshold of votes. If a proposal passes, it will be executed after it was queued in a 7-Day Timelock contract.
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