Pangolin V2 Documentation

About Pangolin

Pangolin is the premier DEX of the Avalanche Network. It was launched in February 2021 as a proven concept for automated market makers (AMMs), native to the Avalanche network. It facilitated over $15 billion dollars in trading volume in its first year.



Swap tokens with our automated market maker (AMM) exchange
Set limits orders for any token on Avalanche
Add liquidity and earn 0.25% fee on all trades proportional to the share of the pool


Stake LP tokens into farms and earn PNG reward
Stake LP tokens into super farms and earn PNG along with other incentive tokens


Stake your PNG tokens to earn more PNG tokens


PNG holders, stakers or PNG-AVAX LP providers through Pangolin, will be eligible.
Buy AVAX and other coins using a credit card


Track your portfolio and token watchlist


Vote on proposals using your PNG tokens

PNG Token

PNG is the native governance token of the Pangolin Exchange and can be used for providing liquidity in Farms or single staking.
You can go to PNG page to learn more about it and how you can buy it.
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