Limit Orders

Set it and forget it

Place limit orders with ease

Pangolin is the first Avalanche-native DEX that will allow you to set limit orders for any token on the platform.

Note: Limit Orders are only available on Avalanche.

Limit orders allow you to get your swaps at desired prices by leaving instructions to fill buy or sell orders at specific prices. The trade will only be executed if the price on Pangolin reaches your limit price (or better).

Note: A buy limit order can only be executed at the limit price or lower, and a sell limit order can only be executed at the limit price or higher.

Limit Orders

  1. Go to and toggle to "LIMIT" in the Trade widget.

    On the Swap page, toggle to Limit order
  2. Select the Tokens to swap, enter the amount and desired price to execute. Click "Place Order" and then "Confirm Order". Confirm in Web3 wallet. Done.

    Select Token and set prices
    View breakdown & confirm
    Waiting for confirmation
    Limit order submitted
  3. Once you place your order, it will populate in the Limit Orders section. Here you can track its progress and cancel if necessary.

    View your Limit orders and cancel if necessary

✅ Congratulations, you successfully set a Limit Order.

There are some fees involved. Notably, if there is increased volatility and gas prices are high, the Gelato bots that fill your order will cover the cost and charge a small fee. Also, if you need to cancel an order, you will be charged gas fees.

Note: Slippage on limit orders is set to 0.4% and cannot be changed. We cannot guarantee your order will get executed so exercise caution when arbitraging.


Q1. Why was my order not executed?

Limit orders are executed when they reach their desired price, however, due to gas fluctuations, the actual execution price might vary from the price you specified on the interface. Usually, the execution price and the desired price should be almost identical, however, if you submitted a particularly small order (~<1000$) the execution price might be slightly higher to account for fees.

Therefore your order may not be executed because:

  1. It wasn’t possible to fill the whole order at the desired price and amount due to price impact.

  2. One of the tokens in the limit order has tax on transfer (see below).

Before submitting an order, please check the UI denoting the real execution price.

Note: The order history table gets the data from Subgraph and can show slightly delayed information.

Q2. Is there an expiration date for my limit orders?

Open orders will remain open indefinitely until they get executed or being cancelled by users.

Q3. Can I submit a limit order for tokens with tax on transfer?

No. The tokens with a fee on transfer should not be used with limit orders.

Q4. I made an order and it's not showing in the Limit Order section?

The order history comes from the subgraph and therefore might show slightly delayed information. Usually, delays are no longer than a couple of minutes at worst.

Q5. Why can’t I create limit orders below the market price?

To sell below market price, you need Stop Limit Orders, not limit orders.

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