Basic knowledge to get your DeFi started

Connect to a Wallet

  1. Click on "Connect to a wallet" in the top-right menu.

  2. Select the network (1.) you want to connect to and choose your favorite Wallet (2.) from the menu. To connect, click on "Connect Wallet" (3.) and unlock your wallet (4.). Read more about setting up wallets here.

After connecting your wallet, in the Portfolio widget you'll see the total value of your wallets holdings across all chains and the top-right menu is now showing your balance of the gas token (AVAX) and your wallets address.

Switching Networks / Chains

  1. In the top-right menu, click on "Avalanche" to open the pop-up for selecting a chain. Make sure your Web3 Wallet is connected.

  2. Select a chain and confirm in your Web3 wallet.

After switching, the Network name (Songbird), native token (PSB) and the gas token (SGB) in the menu will change to the chain specific ones.

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