Coston (Testnet)

Pangolins on Coston Testnet

What is Coston Testnet?

Coston 1 is Songbird’s public test network, launched in January 2021.

Coston 2 is Flare’s public test network, launched in September 2022.

Coston is a test network, or testnet. It is a testbed for developers that want to utilize Flare and test applications before risking actual value. This testnet allows developers to test the functionality of their smart contracts and debug before going live to Songbird or Flare Mainnet.

Why is it important?

This deployment puts us one step closer to launching on Songbird and Flare. Users of Pangolin on Avalanche can test their airdrop claim, and new community members from Songbird and Flare will have the chance to experience swaps, liquidity farming, and our brand-new Sunshine and Rainbows staking product.

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