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Pangolin on Flare's Canary Network

Introducing Songbird, the canary network for Flare

What is a Canary Network?

A canary network is an operational blockchain with a defined token supply that allows new features to be tested under production conditions, before they are deployed on the main network. This is in contrast to a testnet which generally has an unlimited token supply.
All users of the canary network are real users, but they are aware of the experimental nature of the platform. Flare’s canary network is called Songbird, and it is furthermore the first stage in Flare’s governance system.
The canary network, used for testing features under “real fire” conditions, has been live since September 2021.

Roles of Songbird

Test Flare technology in a live environment prior to deployment on mainnet.
Provide dapp builders with a live testing environment.
Serve as the lower house in a bicameral governance structure.

A bicameral system of governance

Songbird will serve as the lower house in the planned bicameral Flare governance system. The community will be able to submit and vote for proposals on Songbird so that, when approved, they may be considered by the Flare Foundation for inclusion on the Flare network.
Flare Songbird Explorer
Songbird explorer
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