In-Range Farming

In-Range Farming is a unique mechanism introduced by Pangolin Elixir to incentivize liquidity providers (LPs) and promote a thriving ecosystem. LPs who provide liquidity within specific price ranges are rewarded with additional tokens. In this section, we will explore the concept of in-range farming, how it works, the rewards and incentives for LPs, and strategies for maximizing farming rewards.

Introduction to In-Range Farming

In-Range Farming in Pangolin Elixir is designed to reward LPs for concentrating their liquidity within specific price ranges. By doing so, LPs contribute to deepening liquidity in those price intervals and promoting efficient trading. In-Range Farming creates a positive feedback loop where LPs are incentivized to provide liquidity in relevant market segments, aligning their interests with the overall health and growth of the platform.

How In-Range Farming Works

When LPs provide liquidity within a predefined price range, they become eligible to receive additional tokens as farming rewards. The specific rewards vary depending on the pool and the tokens involved. The more liquidity LPs provide within the defined range, the higher their potential rewards. Pangolin Elixir employs mechanisms to determine the reward allocation proportionately based on the concentration and depth of liquidity provided by LPs.

Rewards and Incentives for LPs

In-Range Farming rewards LPs with additional tokens for their participation in liquidity provision. These rewards can be either native tokens of the pool, such as the PNG token, or external tokens. The aim is to incentivize LPs to remain actively engaged in providing liquidity and to contribute to the platform's trading volume and overall liquidity depth.

The rewards are distributed based on the concentration and depth of liquidity provided by LPs within the predefined price range. LPs who concentrate their liquidity in narrower ranges have the potential to earn higher rewards compared to LPs providing liquidity across wider price intervals. This incentivizes LPs to optimize their liquidity provision strategies and focus on segments with higher trading activity.

Strategies for Maximizing Farming Rewards

LPs can employ several strategies to maximize their farming rewards in Pangolin Elixir:

  1. Concentrate Liquidity: LPs can choose narrower price ranges to concentrate their liquidity within segments that see higher trading activity. By targeting specific price intervals, LPs increase the likelihood of earning higher rewards.

  2. Track Market Conditions: Monitoring market conditions, including volatility and trading volume, can help LPs identify optimal price ranges for liquidity provision. Adapting price ranges based on market dynamics can lead to better reward opportunities.

  3. Regularly Adjust Liquidity: LPs can periodically reassess their liquidity provision strategies and adjust their price ranges accordingly. This allows them to respond to changing market conditions and optimize their rewards.

  4. Monitor Rewards: Keeping track of earned rewards and evaluating the effectiveness of liquidity provision strategies is essential. LPs should monitor their in-range farming rewards and assess the performance of different price ranges to refine their strategies over time.

By implementing these strategies, LPs can optimize their liquidity provision, increase their farming rewards, and actively contribute to the growth and success of the Pangolin Elixir ecosystem.

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