Trading on Pangolin Elixir offers users the opportunity to swap tokens seamlessly and efficiently within the decentralized exchange. In this section, we will explore the trading functionalities, including initiating trades, understanding slippage and price impact, exploring trade options, and utilizing advanced features.

Initiating Trades on Pangolin Elixir

Pangolin Elixir provides a user-friendly interface for initiating trades. Users can select the desired trading pair from the available liquidity pools and enter the amount of the token they wish to swap. The interface displays the estimated received amount and relevant details, enabling users to review and confirm their trade.

Understanding Slippage and Price Impact

Slippage and price impact are important considerations when trading on any decentralized exchange. Pangolin Elixir provides information on slippage and price impact to help users make informed decisions. Slippage refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the executed price, while price impact represents the effect of a trade on the token price.

Exploring Trade Options and Advanced Features

Pangolin Elixir offers various trade options and advanced features to cater to different user needs. Users can explore options such as limit orders or advanced order types like TWAP (time weighted average price) to customize their trading strategies. The platform may also support additional features like liquidity sourcing from multiple pools or integrating with external protocols.

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