Swap Tokens

Market & Limit Orders
Depending on the Network you are using, the Tokenlists will be different on Pangolin. The default chain on Pangolin is Avalanche, check here how to switch networks.
In this example, we are swapping Tokens on the Avalanche Network.
Note: The process is more or less the same on every chain supported by Pangolin. The components being used on each network may vary (chart view only on Avalanche etc.).

Market Orders

Make sure your Wallet is connected to Pangolin.
  1. 2.
    Toggle "MARKET", select the tokens you want to swap, enter an amount and click on "Swap".
    Select the Tokens you want to swap
    Enter an amount to continue
  2. 3.
    View estimated output and click "Confirm Swap". Confirm in Web3 wallet. Done.
    Check output and confirm
    Waiting for confirmation
    Successfully submitted

Congratulations, you successfully performed a token swap.

Depending on the network, trades can take a couple of seconds or longer.

Protocol Fees

For every swap made on a Pangolin, a 0.3% transaction fee is charged. To learn more about chain specific protocol fees, click: → Avalanche, → Songbird, → Flare, → Hedera​