Compound rewards

How to compound your rewards

This feature is currently only available on Flare, Songbird & Hedera Network. We are looking forward to roll it out across all chains in 2023.

Compounding non SGB-PSB Farms either auto-creates a SGB-PSB Pool & Farm or adds to it.

Note: You canโ€™t remove liquidity or claim rewards from the SGB-PSB farm if you compounded your non SGB-PSB farm rewards. To do this you first need to either claim rewards or remove your stake from the non SGB-PSB farms.

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Compound your Farm rewards

Make sure your Wallet is connected and switched to the Flare Network / Songbird Network / Hedera Network.

  1. Look-up your Farm in the searchbar (SGB-PSB) and click "Compound".

  2. To start compounding your rewards, wait until your APR grows, then click on "Compound".

  3. Click on "Compound" and then on "Stake & Compound".

  4. Confirm in MetaMask. Done.

โœ… Congratulations, you've successfully compounded your rewards.

You need the equal value in FLR/SGB to your PFL/PSB rewards in order to compound.

Note: To be able to compound your rewards you'll need your farm to generate rewards first. Since your APR starts from 0%, there won't be no rewards in the first hours.

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