Q3/Q4 2022

2nd half of 2022

Four New Chains

To this point, we’ve only informed the community of our NEAR-native DEX, which is still under development. We’re excited to announce that we will deploy on and announce at least three more chains before the end of the year.

At this moment, we are in talks with multiple exciting L1s and will update the community when we are closer to launch.


To complement our new chains, we will add more interoperability to Pangolin Exchange. Not only will you be able to toggle between chains under one UI, but we will offer cross-chain bridging and swapping options to ensure you can compound your community in one place.


Our team has learned a lot since Feb 2021. One important lesson is that operating a DEX without any outside funding is like fighting with your hands tied behind your back.

We are pleased to announce we will be setting aside token allocations, in each chain’s version of PNG, for venture capital. This will allow us to build top-tier teams, manage cross-chain operations, and continue expanding in preparation for a multichain future.

Honeycomb (formerly DaaS)

We are evolving our Honeycomb product based on feedback from our partner projects.

We will be offering customization that will allow partners to harness swap fees generated from their site — allowing them to give their community more convenience while generating revenue to weather the bear market.

Sunshine and Rainbows (SAR)

Sunshine and Rainbows (SAR) is a novel staking algorithm developed in-house at Pangolin. SAR contracts will utilize a novel algorithm and introduce multiple new concepts in tokenomics and staking architecture.

The market volatility of Q2 momentarily put SAR on the sidelines. After a break in development, we’re in the process of finalizing all contracts for audit.

SAR will launch with one of our soon-to-be-announced L1 partners before expanding to all chains.

Looking ahead

It’s impossible to know precisely what will happen in Web3, especially after the wild 18 months we’ve had. We will be quick to make changes that benefit Pangolin and our community, and we encourage others to do the same.

We are experiencing an evolving landscape where you must be willing to adapt and learn to thrive. This team will continue building toward a chain-agnostic future where users onboard to multiple chains with a few clicks. And we intend for that future to be right here at Pangolin.

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