dApp features


The Dashboard is the landing page of Pangolin Exchange which offers a brief overview.

→ Dashboard guides


A whole new trading experience with the new UI focused on reducing the steps necessary for a successful trade.

→ Swap guides → Limit Order guides


Seamlessly swap any (native) assets across 39 chains.

→ Bridge guides


Fiat On/Off-Ramps on a DEX is a major game changer for seamless purchase of crypto assets directly to your Web3 Wallet.

→ Buy crypto guides


The new Pool & Farm UI gives you a detailed overview of all token pairs at a glance. Scroll through all incentivized Pools, Farms and Super Farms.

→ Pool & Farm guides

ELIXIR (V3 Pools)

Concentrated Liquidity contracts are highly flexible and efficient automated market makers (AMM). Key features include concentrated liquidity, multiple fee tiers, and increased capital efficiency, making it a more attractive option for liquidity providers (LPs) and traders alike.

→ Elixir guides


Single-Side-Stake your Pangolin tokens and earn rewards without IL risk.

→ Staking guides → SAR guides


Vote on Pangolin's governance proposals using your Pangolin tokens or delegate your votes.

→ Voting guides

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