Q1/Q2 2022

1. Cross-Chain Swaps & Farming. Yes, really.

No, we’re not leaving Avalanche. But we are expanding Pangolin's influence.

The future belongs to the multi-chain world and this gives Pangolin a key role in expanding Avalanche offerings. Heads up: Naturally, some details are still sensitive but we’ll keep sharing as soon as we can.

One major opportunity we can share now: Pangolin will bring Terra Luna’s Industry-Leading Decentralized Stablecoin, $UST, to Avalanche for trading. UST has been called the best inter-chain stablecoin available and is speculated to become a go-to stable for the cross-chain world. This partnership, and owning a significant amount of $UST liquidity, puts Pangolin in the core of the cross-chain user experience.

2. Re-Invent the DEX user experience with an all-new UI

UI is an unsung hero of finance. Central exchanges and traditional finance are getting this right. (There’s a reason Robinhood is so successful, love it or hate it; the UI and UX are easy.)

The pain of a hundred DEX clicks needs to go. 2022 marks our resolution to deliver the best trading experience in all of DeFi.

We plan to be the first Decentralized Exchange to offer powerful trading tools in a polished and frictionless user experience.

Here’s how we’ll ease the pain with priority features:

  • One integrated experience to track your portfolio, watchlist, and trade all within

  • Single page farm view that let’s you identify the best yield opportunities, acquire liquidity for them, and place it back into the farm

And then, integrating more features:

  • Limit Orders

  • Options trading

  • Double reward farms

Comment with your thoughts on features you’re excited about here and any others that will benefit you most. Pangolin is committed to making it easier for you to know what exactly is happening and seamlessly take advantages of the opportunities on your radar.

3. Enabling DeFi Access For Institutional Finance

There’s been a ton of talk in the space about how we’re “still early”. That’s true when you open the aperture to the global opportunity ahead. And, importantly, decentralized exchanges like ours are pushing that growth. While that growth is still surging, only a ridiculously small portion of traditional finance utilizes DeFi, in part due to security and regulatory compliance. Moving in on TradFi is tablestakes for adoption and growth.

Pangolin is also already integrated into Gnosis safe, making Pangolin the go-to DEX for multi-sig activities. With the increase in DAO funds across Avalanche this is a major improvement and opportunity for DAOs to leverage Pangolin features and functionality natively in their multi-sig wallets.

Now we’re also finalizing partnerships to resolve security and regulatory issues that hold TradFi back from entering the space. It needs to seamless to onboard traditional financial institutions onto Pangolin and the Avalanche DeFi ecosystem. These partnerships are that first huge step.

4. Increased Educational Content to Onboard the Next Billion DeFi Users

With just 1% of crypto users utilizing DeFi, there is a huge need to help educate and onboard the next 99%.

Introducing the Pangolin Academy: Interactive and incentivized DeFi education for beginners — the key to tapping into a large untouched market of ‘crypto’ holders and beyond.

We would like to welcome you to our academy project to bring more education to both those who are familiar with the crypto space, and for those that are completely new in order to onboard as many newcomers as possible into DeFi.

Why do this?

  • Help people: It’ll help the billions of other people globally who want to improve their financial situation but have no idea about DeFi or how it works

  • Help dapps: Many decentralized applications and protocols require help; learners can be rewarded for testing those dapps using our interactive and incentivized academy

We will begin with the basics of DeFi and expand our knowledge library over time. There’s still a ton of questions being asked, every single day.

Of course, learning programs in the space are not new. We have seen Binance educate users with their own academy, or Coinbase with their learn and earn program. We’ll do our part to enhance that education. The Pangolin Academy will be a fun and rewarding opportunity for us to amplify the Avalanche ecosystem and the overall DeFi landscape.

We’re building the future of decentralized finance, together.

This is an action-packed roadmap and we have a ton to accomplish this quarter. These four things will set the tone of what’s to come and unlock new opportunities ahead.

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